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Trending This Week: Website Heroes with Stock Images

by Caitlyn Hampton on April 14, 2017 No comments

You may have noticed recently that every website design is starting to look—well, quite similar. You’ve seen it before: a full-width website, with a full-width hero stock image or stock video, some short and clever H1 headline text centered over the hero, with a logo on the left, and a navigation bar on the right. Ring a bell? Now here’s the crazy thing—this is perfectly OK.

It may seem overdone, but users prefer familiar experiences across the web. As web design guru Steve Krug says, “Conventions only become conventions if they work.” And the truth is, this layout has proven itself effective by allowing users to navigate the site as easily and intuitively as possible. As a business owner or UX designer, you want to make it easy to engage new customers. Simply put, websites shouldn’t leave people scratching their heads and trying to figure out how to find what they want.

The formula is a simple one: with an eye-catching hero and an attention-grabbing H1 copy, you can communicate your brand and product—and users can navigate your website without interference. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out a few of our eye-catching designs made using stock images below.

Stock Images

Download the stock image used in this website design.

Stock Images

Download the stock image used in this website design.

Small businesses have a hard enough time acquiring new customers and expanding their reach as it is. As a web designer, it’s your job to make customer conversion as seamless as possible so your clients can make the big money. This design layout achieves just that.

What do you think of this design trend? Does it make you yawn or simplify your job? Whether you’re staying on trend or designing the next big thing, get all the hero images you need.


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Caitlyn HamptonTrending This Week: Website Heroes with Stock Images

The (Stock Art) Design Element Virtually Every Big Company Uses

by Caroline Mercurio on February 19, 2014 No comments

You read the headline correctly—virtually every big company is using the same design trick, one you can easily replicate with a single stock art download.

Take a look at the websites of Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft, and you’ll see countless products and services displayed atop renderings like these:

vector-set-of-modern-digital-devices-913-1953 (2)       Hands holding tablet

This isn’t a tech-only trend, mind you. It’s a presentation trend—and the motivations behind it have everything to do with increasing sales.

Context Matters

In 2007, researchers at Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab recorded the impressions of restaurant patrons given the same wine with two different labels. Those with the preferred label rated their food higher and ate more, and additional research showed participants were 85% more likely to favor a wine based on its label.

It’s only logical to assume, along the same lines, that the context of a company’s online products and services would affect consumer preference.

Would TurboTax appear cutting-edge and innovative, for example, if they depicted customers using their software on antiquated desktops rather than tablets? Probably not.

Perspective Enhances Profit

In addition to helping products and services appear increasingly high-tech, the accompaniment of modern stock imagery can also add very important context to a product.

There’s a reason the phenomena of “showrooming” exists, and it’s an existence that harms a lot of small businesses: people have a demonstrated need to understand precisely what they’re paying for prior to a purchase.

Consumers might not be able to drive to your office or warehouse to test out your products themselves, but you can still make purchasing a lot easier for them by leveraging tools they recognize to show them a close approximation.

If you’re a web designer tired of saying “the design will look better on a computer,” why not save yourself the trouble and start displaying your portfolio on a rendered laptop or tablet?

white-laptop-isolated-on-white-background-913-2083 tablet-pc-92313-842

Taking the consumer’s imagination skills—or lack thereof—out of your equation can streamline your sales cycle and increase consumer confidence. Just ask Warby Parker, who overcame the limitations of selling eyeglasses online by enabling customers to use webcams to preview their purchases virtually.

retro-set11-01-111413-2124       Web Cam Showing Video Conferencing
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Caroline MercurioThe (Stock Art) Design Element Virtually Every Big Company Uses