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Trending This Week: Advertising Your Brand with Duotone Text Effect

by Alex Reffie on July 7, 2017 No comments

This summer is all about making a splash—especially with your branding. We’re talking bright, energizing colors, bold designs, and fresh graphics that take you to your perfect paradise—wherever that may be. Being able to combine hot summer designs with your personal style is the perfect way to stay on-trend—and with stock photos, you can stay on-budget as well. To give you a little seasonal inspiration, we created this eye-catching design that can easily be adapted to advertise any business, promotion, or event. Ready to get started? Our royalty-free library has stock photos that appeal to any audience and vibe.

With Adobe Photoshop, it was easy breezy to get this duotone style text design pieced together. Pairing our stock photo with a texture and style gradient gives the design an edgy look that’s sure to turn heads this summer. Take a look!

Stock Photos

Ready to make a splash this summer? You don’t have to travel across the globe for a spectacular summer view—we’ve got stock photos for every destination. Take your advertising up a notch and come discover the inspiration in our library.


Dive on in


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Alex ReffieTrending This Week: Advertising Your Brand with Duotone Text Effect

Trending This Week: Edgy Summer Event Posters

by Caitlyn Hampton on May 19, 2017 No comments

Killer graphic design isn’t just reserved for your day job. As the weather continues to warm up, people are getting in the party mood—and what better way to get your friends—and even strangers—to your epic events than with edgy, eye-catching posters and fliers?

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite stock images perfect for this party-ready aesthetic. From bold, geometric shapes to artistic and striking design elements, these posters are sure to draw the crowds. Use them for your next event, for an upcoming live show, or even for a pending design meetup.



These posters are completely customizable—so go wild and make them entirely your own! Ready to throw your big, summer bash?


Explore Trendy Posters


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Caitlyn HamptonTrending This Week: Edgy Summer Event Posters

5 Summer Design Trends That Are Blowing Up Social Media

by Caroline Mercurio on May 15, 2017 1 comment

Whether you’re a Millennial or not, everyone is trying to market to them—and if you’re not, maybe you should be. From traditional mainstays like Suave shampoo to newer kids on the block like TOMS, brands the world over are tailoring their marketing creative to match the passions and tastes that define the Millennial market. More than just a buzzword, this social media savvy generation is a consumer force to be reckoned with—according to the U.S. Census Bureau, this young, vibrant demographic now outnumbers the Baby Boomers and makes up more than a quarter of America’s population.

So how do you catch the eye of that relevant, hip consumer this summer? We’ve combed social media for five of the hottest up-and-coming design trends that Millennials just can’t seem to get enough of—and we’re certain we’ll be seeing a lot of them this season. To help inspire you, we’ve outlined each of the influences behind these trends and added some examples of how to use them with our very own stock images.


#1 – Embrace Millennial Pink

stock images

Download the seamless floral vector used in this design.

NYMag caught onto this trend of a color that couldn’t quite be pinned down—and it’s called Millennial Pink. Millennial Pink isn’t just a single color per se. It’s range of colors that are indeed in the pink family, but the point is not what it is, but rather what it’s not. It’s not Barbie pink. Nor is it acid washed neon pink. And it certainly isn’t riddled with domesticity and gender exclusion—Millennial pink is for men, too.

More precisely, it includes a range of pinks that lack the blue tint of our beloved Barbie doll’s iconic look. It can range from a beige with only a hint of pink (think Pantone’s Pale Dogwood) all the way to a bold and decisive salmon with a strong presence of orange. It’s everywhere and let’s just say—Millennial Pink sells. This movement took a color that became a pillar of femininity—for better or worse—and stripped away its power. What can we say? Millennials have strong voices and opinions. So now pink is for everyone. And it’s here to stay.

Use it in your web design, packaging, apparel, advertisements, and more. The possibilities are nearly limitless because that’s the point of this color—stripping away limits.


#2 – Nature Found Patterns

stock images

Download the stock images used in this design.

As summer rolls around, it’s as if the design world remembers that greenery and nature become alive again, because every year we see a resurgence of patterns found outdoors. From palm fronds to marble slabs, the motifs of re-emerging nature comes back into play. However, let’s get a little more macro—as if you were to zoom in with a microscope.

We all know by now that nature is a strong advocate and supporter of geometry. The golden ratio is clear in many forms from the human form to the seashells we collect from the sandy beaches. These are the patterns that make for a summery, yet artistic feel. They can be implemented in apparel design, in contrast with more drastic and man-made linear patterns, or as an excellent backdrop to web designs.

Millennials may be hooked on social media and community connectedness, but it doesn’t mean they don’t still feel a strong connection with their surroundings.


#3 – Their Kind of Retro

stock images

Download the abstract wave element stock vector used in this design.

We have some scary news for you. The 70s and 80s are considered retro. (And maybe even the 90s.) Before you run away screaming in horror, keep in mind Millennials were born between the years of 1977 and 2000. So while some of them may remember the 80s, they certainly weren’t in the know of the popular graphic design styles.

What does that mean for design? Think Tron. Bold neon colors on top of dark grey and black backgrounds. The look is a powerful and punchy one. It’s nostalgia and futurism all-together in one.


#4 – Hygge Like A Hug

stock images

Download the abstract stock images used in this design.

Pronounced “hoo-guh,” hygge is a Danish word that cannot be directly translated to English without a full sentence, but generally describes a place or design that’s warm, cozy, and inviting—three strong emotional motivators when buying a product. Quite literally, it’s defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” So, how does a mouthful like that that translate into graphic design? And how can we replicate comfort in our pixels and JPGs?

Think gentle. Think soothing. Times are stressful lately, so how can we distill the chaos and anxiety that surrounds us into visually pleasing interpretations? Natural materials such as unbleached paper, soothing flesh-tones, and designs that recall a simpler time. Imagine browsing a selection of packaged goods down the aisles of your grocery store and feeling like you can breathe and pause once you come across a product that allows a visual sanctuary in your loud surroundings.

Allow for plenty of negative space, clear visual hierarchy, contrast for the sake of legibility, but not too much that it jolts the senses. It’s minimalism and warmth all in one that creates a sense of ultimate balance and comfort.


#5 – Modern Serifs

stock images

Download the photo of a misty countryside at sunset used in this design.

How long has the design world been touting future-forward and modern, sans-serif fonts—like say, Helvetica and Futura? Apparently too long. Serif fonts and typefaces have been experiencing a renaissance of sorts, but that doesn’t mean you can whip out your trusty, old Times New Roman just yet. With access to a plethora of fonts with resources like Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit, Millennial designers are putting their trust into the old-faithful fonts—but with a modern refresh.

We’re particularly fans of classics like Bookmania and Georgia, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t partial to newer renditions like a sturdy slab-serif or two. Here’s the deal though. You can’t go just go crazy into the style of lithographs and copy-heavy advertisements. Serifs are a statement. They should be used with modern and simplistic designs. They must take the center-stage and are not meant to be used in competition with other design elements. Make them bold, the H1. And allow a more subtle sans-serif to play the supporting role this time around.

The best thing about these trends is that they may already feel a little familiar to you—they’ve slowly been gaining traction on social media and in mainstream marketing over the past several months, but they’re guaranteed to be out en force this summer. And now we pass the baton on to you. With a library full of royalty-free stock graphics, the opportunities to create are limitless. How will you pass on your message?


Discover Modern Stock Graphics


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Caroline Mercurio5 Summer Design Trends That Are Blowing Up Social Media

Stock Images to Cool You Down

by Maddie Stearn on August 28, 2015 No comments

The summer may be winding down, but the sun’s rays are still blazing on. If you’re looking to relish in these last summer moments—and don’t want the heat to get in the way—check out some refreshing stock images to keep you cool. Whether it’s stock photos of ice cream, cocktails, and iced drinks, or maybe stock backgrounds of snowy landscapes, we have everything you need to chill out.

Stock Photos of Refreshing Food & Beverages


Stock Photos of Fall & Winter Landscapes

Stock Photos of Fall & Winter Landscapes

Stock Graphics of Drinks & Frozen Desserts

Stock Graphics of Drinks & Frozen Desserts

Stock Winter & Fall Backgrounds

Stock Winter & Fall Backgrounds

Get all of these refreshing photos and graphics—plus unlimited downloads from everything else in our library—for just $99 a year.

Start Downloading Now►
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Maddie StearnStock Images to Cool You Down

Beach Design Inspiration

by Maddie Stearn on July 31, 2015 No comments

The summer isn’t over yet, and there’s still plenty of time to hit the beach—and create some beach-themed graphics! We recommend bringing your warm weather memories into your next brainstorming session and coming up with some fun summer design ideas. To get you started, we put together a gallery of beach-themed graphics. Go ahead and click on the images below to find a little summertime inspiration.

Blue waves vector image

Blue waves vector image

Nautical Themed Vector Images

Nautical themed vector images

Stock image of kayaks on a beautiful beach

Stock image of kayaks on a beautiful beach

Stock image of surfer on the beach

Stock image of surfer on the beach

Download the images now►
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Maddie StearnBeach Design Inspiration

GraphicStock Gallery: Summer Fun

by Caroline Mercurio on June 26, 2014 No comments

GraphicStock Gallery: Summer Fun

SUMMER IS HERE! Woo hoo! GraphicStock is chocked full of bright and happy summer images. Time to rock the shades, flip-flops and a couple Arnold Palmers and get ready for the greatest season of all. The boys of summer are back at and ready to help you out with your summer graphics. Take a look and then head to our summer graphics lightbox to download these all for yourself. You can even sign up for a free 7 day trial!

[portfolio_slideshow id=1343]

Make these images your own! Sign up for a free trial on
GraphicStock Gallery: Summer Fun

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Caroline MercurioGraphicStock Gallery: Summer Fun