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Father’s Day in Stock Images: 3 Easy DIY Projects that Dad Will Love

by Caroline Mercurio on June 7, 2016 No comments

What’s the perfect way to tell Dad how much you love him? This Father’s Day, if you’re staring down the barrel at yet another necktie, fear not! Add your personal touch to one (or more) of the thoughtful stock graphics, vectors, and illustrations in our inspiration gallery to let Dad know he’s special. We’ve also included a few project ideas to help you get started.

DIY Story Book Album

Fathers Day in Stock Images 3 Easy DIY Projects that Dad Will Love

The time it takes to make a DIY story book is so worth it. The final product will be cherished for many Father’s Days to come, and it is an affordable, simple crafting project. Here’s how to make one.

You will need:

  • An album ring
  • Two sheets of heavy duty paper or cardboard
  • A hole punch
  • Several sheets of colored paper
  • Rubber cement or craft glue

Most, if not all, of these supplies are easy and cheap to get from any craft store.

Graphics Used

For this project, you’ll first want to cut the cardboard into two sheets the size you want your album to be. These will be your front and back covers.

Step Two: Go crazy with the crafting! You can use stock graphics, fabric, stick on letters–you name it! Just make sure you cover both sides so that the finished product looks professional; a simple sheet of craft paper on the back is fine.

Step Three: Select a few easy stock graphics, and your favorite family photos. Figure out the “story” you want to tell as you put your pictures in order—you can even add text using photo editing software, or simply write it in later! Don’t be afraid to use cool graphics on the back of your images as filler.

Step Four: Print your graphics and photos. It’s best if you can have these printed on cardstock by a professional. If you have a laminator handy, that works too. We just don’t want to damage the pictures when they get handled.

Step Five: Hole punch the corners and string them into an album for Dad.

Pro Tip: If you’re feeling extra snazzy, glue a bit of ribbon to the back cover and tie a bow around the front.


Father’s Day Card

Fathers Day in Stock Images 3 Easy DIY Projects that Dad Will Love

Nothing from Hallmark can compare to a custom card. Wow Dad this year by using this easy-to-edit illustration; or explore a variety of other customizable graphics to create your unique design.

You will need:

  • Photoshop or other photo-editing software

Graphics Used:

This easy how-to will take just fifteen minutes of your time! The standard size for cards and invitations is 5” x 7”, but you can make your Photoshop document any size.

Step One: Once you have your new document in Photoshop, drew a large rectangle that covered the entire space, and used the eyedropper tool to select a color in your selected graphic to fill it in, creating the “border.”

Step Two: Repeat step one with a smaller rectangle, leaving ¼” on all sides. Fill this rectangle with a neutral shade.

Step Three: Drop in your graphic. With the graphic still selected, hit the “fx” icon in the layers panel. To really make the graphic pop, choose the “Outer glow” effect and, using the eyedropper tool again, selected a contrasting color from the graphic (we used orange). Feel free to play with the settings until you get the look you want.

Step Four: Add the border lines for dimension. Simply select the line tool and draw them in, holding shift to keep the lines perfectly straight.

That’s it — your card is ready to send to the printer!

Pro Tip: Make it extra special by having a black and white photo of you & dad printed on the reverse.


Photo Collage with Stock Graphics

Fathers Day in Stock Images 3 Easy DIY Projects that Dad Will Love

This one is especially great if you gift is for a father with small children. The kids can get in on the action, helping you pick out the photos and signing (or putting hand/foot prints) on one of the panels.

You will need:

  • A large square or collage frame
  • Your favorite family photo
  • A downloadable stock graphic or two.

Graphics Used:

If you are using a collage frame:

Step One: Select your graphics and photos, and send them to the printer.

Step Two: For your “signature” panel, use a sheet of construction or craft paper that matches your color scheme.

Step Three: Sign your signature panel, then put the photos and signature panel in a photo collage frame.

If you are using one large frame:

Step One: Create a square Photoshop document to the dimensions you want.

Step Two: Add a background graphic. We used this parchment texture.

Step Three: Select your graphics and photos.

Step Four: Size your graphics and photos to equal square sizes, and position them in the document leaving an even border around and between each. Make sure to leave a blank square for your signature panel!

Step Five: Print.

Step Six: Sign your signature panel and frame it.

Pro Tip: If you are using a single large frame and really want to add pizzaz, add a drop shadow to your images in Photoshop.

No matter what project you decide to create for dad, our unlimited downloads of royalty-free stock images has got you covered. Peruse our library and find the perfect graphic for Father’s Day.

Get ready to rock that barbeque, and Happy Father’s Day!

Explore Father’s Day Graphics


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Caroline MercurioFather’s Day in Stock Images: 3 Easy DIY Projects that Dad Will Love

Father’s Day in Stock Images

by Caroline Mercurio on June 15, 2015 No comments

If you didn’t already hold Father’s Day in high regard, consider the fact that it’s the only holiday represented by neckties, facial hair, and joint bike rides.

Of course, as with every other holiday, our library of 250,000+ royalty-free stock images has got you covered.

Before you join dad at the barbeque this Father’s Day, consider spending some quality time with our Father’s Day graphics by making him a heartfelt card or photo collage.

Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there!

happy-fathers-day-background_Mk_7ta_u happy-fathers-day-background_zkonFpOd
happy-fathers-day-greeting-card-or-background_fJIUPtvO happy-fathers-day-greeting-card-or-background_M1vtvFvO
happy-fathers-day-greeting-card-or-background_GyuhDYw_ happy-fathers-day-greeting-card-or-background_MJsfwKwd
happy-fathers-day-greeting-card-or-background_GJJ3IFDO happy-fathers-day-background_MyZ_tTuO
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Caroline MercurioFather’s Day in Stock Images

GraphicStock Gallery: Father’s Day

by Caroline Mercurio on June 12, 2014 No comments

GraphicStock Gallery: Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Check out this gallery of Father’s Day images from GraphicStock.com. Don’t just get your dad a tie or a sports coat this year, personalize your message with these vector images. All of these and way more are available for royalty-free download, allowing you to use them forever! Pick one up for yourself and show Dad just how much you care!

[portfolio_slideshow id=1328]

Want to get these images for free? Go to GraphicStock.com and sign up for a free 7 day trial! Happy downloading!
GraphicStock Gallery: Father’s Day

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Caroline MercurioGraphicStock Gallery: Father’s Day