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Introducing BunnyBlocks: All the Stock Media You Need for an Awwdorable Easter

by Caroline Mercurio on April 6, 2017 No comments

Ah, Spring. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and adorable baby bunnies are making their annual entrance into the world. When you think about it, bunnies really are the mascot of the month, and with Easter just around the corner, it’s needless to say that we’ve got bunnies on the brain.

Last month, our sister site VideoBlocks published an article on the so-called “stars of the internet”—cats. But here at GraphicStock, we think it’s time to make a case for why bunnies should be the true icons of the world wide web. We even spoke with their regional ambassador, Sir Benjamin Frankrabbit, who laid out concrete evidence of the bunnies’ superiority and tactical plan for digital domination.

Joking aside, these little guys are pretty cute—and very on-trend for the Spring season. So whether you’re a Bugs Bunny fan or more of a Peter Rabbit kinda guy or gal, we’ve got all the bunnies to get you—and your clients—through the season.


What’s Up, Doc?

Is it just us, or do these guys look like they’re up to no good?


When you get caught with your hands in the Easter Basket.

Purchase this footage of an Easter Bunny with Easter eggs.


I see you…

Purchase this close up of a baby bunny.


Bunnies: Being adorable since 1950.

Purchase this vintage 1950s footage of a bunny rabbit and a rooster on a farm.


Om nom nom!

Purchase this footage of two bunny rabbits eating.


Wait, what? Nice try, Bruno.

Purchase this footage of a cute pug dog wearing bunny ears.


Here Comes Peter Cottontail



Yes, There’s a Bunny in a Box

We don’t think we need to say more.




Download this photo of a baby bunny in a box.


Okay, now where are the good jelly beans?


Download this photo of a white rabbit with Easter eggs in a basket.




Download this photo of a baby bunny being held.


Tell it to the tail.


Download this Easter Bunny card vector


Rock on!


Download this photo of a baby rabbit listening to music on headphones


Find Ferocious Furballs



See You at the Sock Hop

So let’s face it—bunnies are not the most talkative of the fur-babies. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love a good sock-hop. Rock out rabbit-style with these springy, upbeat, and utterly bouncy tunes.

Tunes for a Hoppin’ Good Time

It’s their theme song, after all.

Download this Rabbit Tracks music.

I said a hip, hop!

Download this Hip-Hop loop.

Sing a song of Springtime.

Download this Spring Song music.

Time to get bouncy.

Download this Built With Springs Music.

Rabbity Sound FX

Just because they aren’t chatty doesn’t mean rabbits don’t make any noise. From a cartoon “boing” to the crunch of a tasty carrot, here’s just a taste of our bunny-riffic sound effects.

Munch munch munch…

Download this eating hard vegetables sound effect.


Download this cartoon spring jumps sound effect.


Rock Out With Rabbits


So now that bunnies are in your life—literally and digitally (you’re welcome)—how will you celebrate the season? From memes to mascots, bunnies have all the star-power of kittens and then some! Keep calm and hop on.

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Caroline MercurioIntroducing BunnyBlocks: All the Stock Media You Need for an Awwdorable Easter