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One Photo, Many Frames: Adobe InDesign

by Alex Reffie on August 3, 2017 No comments

Summer is the perfect time to brush up on your design skills, learn some new tips and tricks, and give you that notorious designer’s edge. We’ve shown you how to create seamless patterns, animate adorable GIFs, and most recently how to conjure up eerie nostalgia with a VHS glitch effect. It’s time to add another feather to your design cap with this trendy tutorial that will teach you how to create multiple frames for one image in Adobe InDesign.

The multiple framing effect is simplistic, bright, and timeless—making it a great design option for unique marketing or branded materials. Not to mention, you can transform any image with this design in a number of different ways. So go grab one of royalty-free stock images for inspiration and let’s get to it.


Getting Started

1. Open up InDesign and create a New Document. Your Page Size should be set as A3, Portrait Orientation and Facing Pages deselected.

2. Expand your Layers Panel by going to Window > Layers. Double click on Layers 1 and rename it Guides.

3. Click the Make a New Layer icon at the bottom of your workspace. Drag the new layer so that it sits above Guides. Name this new layer Images and Lock the layer.


Pick Your Image

For this design, it’s best to go with a portrait or a close-up shot—plus, having an interesting background makes for an even more crisp design. There’s plenty of high-resolution stock photos to choose from in our library, so it was easy to pick out this unique and playful portrait.

Body-Image-InDesign Download this Creative Portrait here.


Creating Your Frames

We’re going to create a windowpane framing effect. Once you’ve mastered the basic steps, you’ll be able to knock things up a notch with more complex patterns and shapes.

4. Using the Rectangle Tool, create a shape that matches the orientation of your photo. Ours is more landscape, so we matched that as closely as possible.

Center the shape on the document. Rename this layer

5. Lock your Guides layer, while keeping Images unlocked.

6. Use your creative intuition to use the Rectangle Tool again to make your first frame in the left-hand corner.

7. Go to File > Place to grab your photo.

8. Double-click inside the image and hold down Shift to size it appropriately and to capture the area of your image that you want in that corner.

9. File > Copy, File > Paste to create your next frame. Adjust the image position again to sit correctly in the guidelines.

10. Continue to do this until you see your full image take shape and–framed beautifully.

There you have it! Not only is this an easy way to freshen up your design work this summer, but this effect will give your branded materials the attention they deserve. Ready to test out your framing creativity? There’s thousands of images in our library ready for your next project.


Start Creating


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Alex ReffieOne Photo, Many Frames: Adobe InDesign

Top 20 Music Stock Images for Projects That Rock

by Alex Reffie on August 1, 2017 No comments

When it comes to having to visually represent something that’s well, anything but visual, you may be stumped. Don’t worry. You are not alone. Take music, for example. Recognized as something loved by everyone it’s easily one of the most creative forms of expression out there. But how do you visually represent how awesome music is? Or how it makes us feel? Or even what it sounds like? All without actually using audio? That’s a bit of brain-bender. Lucky for you, we’ve orchestrated our own symphony of 20 stock images for showcasing music.

Now—we couldn’t just keep this jam session limited to one type of music. Music is diverse,and so are these stock images. While some might take the shape of the instruments used to create our favorite tunes, others are a little more contemporary to harmonize with the environment music can create. So whether you’re looking for the perfect images to go with your music trends blog or designing an event website, these photos will help you show what can—sometimes—only be heard.

1.stock images Download this young woman playing guitar stock image.

2.stock images Purchase this close up of someone playing the piano.

3.stock images Download this stock image of a happy music listener.

4.stock images Download this stock image of a violinist.

5.stock images Purchase this front and center mic image.

6.stock images Download this rockin’ image.

7.stock imagesDownload this guitar hero image.

8.stock imagesDownload this upbeat music image.

9.stock imagesDownload this record setting stock image.

10.stock images Download this friendly music-inspired image.

11.stock images Purchase this creative music concept image.

12.stock imagesDownload this image of friends dancing with a DJ.

13.stock images Download this folk-inspired stock image.

14.stock images Download this hip image.

15.stock imagesDownload this close up of a man playing the tuba.

16.stock imagesPurchase this unique image of a man playing guitar.

17.stock images Download this music-inspired stock image.

18.stock imagesDownload this image of a young girl playing the ukulele.

19.stock images Download this stock image of an audience applauding.

20.stock imagesDownload this fun stock image of people dancing to music.

Have we got you tapping your foot to the beat of your next project? Our royalty-free library is ready to help you rock out with stock images that’ll make your project sing.


Explore More Musical Images


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Alex ReffieTop 20 Music Stock Images for Projects That Rock

Vector Posters for Hot Summer Events

by Alex Reffie on July 6, 2017 No comments

It’s safe to say that summer is in full swing. The temperature keeps rising, the days feel a little longer, and your calendar is booked up with all sorts of summer festivities–not to mention your own shindigs you’ve been planning all year.

You can’t have an event without people—so you want to have a way to impress them from the start and let them know that this is not the event to miss out on. Whether it be a party, a small business launch event, or even a networking opportunity you want to spread the word about—a well designed invite or event flyer can get your event the recognition it deserves.

We know you’re a busy bee and might not have time to design your own custom event materials, so we put together 20 of our best stock vectors that are great for getting the word out about the hottest events you’re planning this summer. If you’re hosting anything from the biggest party of the season to the best backyard bash or anything in between—these stock vectors will put your party planning skills a cut above the rest. These stock vectors are bright, fun, fresh and will have your guests RSVP-ing weeks in advance.

Which of these stock vectors is the finishing touch for your event?


Download this Beach Party Invitation here.


Purchase this Abstract Stock Vector here.


Download this Electro Night Party Flyer here.


Download this Colorful Stock Vector Poster here.


Purchase this Vintage Stock Vector Poster here.


Download this Sunny Event Poster here.


Download this Geometric Design Vector here.


Download this Bright Party Invitation here.


Purchase this Tropical Themed Event Vector Poster here.


Download this Retro-Inspired Vector Poster here.


Download this Classic Beachy Stock Vector here.


Download this Shining Vector Poster here.


Download this Charming Bicycle Vector Poster here.


Download Beautiful Floral Stock Vector Poster here.


Download this Bold Event Flyer here.


Purchase this Splash of Color Stock Vector here.


Download this Fun Rocket Ship Vector.


Download this Stylish Event Vector Poster here.


Download this Light and Airy Style Event Poster here.


Purchase this Summertime Event Stock Vector Poster here.

Think you’ve got what it takes to plan this summer’s biggest bash? Make sure to not skip the invites and head on over to our royalty-free library of stock vectors to find the perfect match for your vibe and audience—or explore our full collection of event posters and flyer templates.


Take Me to the Collection


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Alex ReffieVector Posters for Hot Summer Events

Weekly Design Trend: Vintage Travel Nostalgia

by Alex Reffie on June 20, 2017 No comments

It’s summer and, because we live in an era of travel envy and wanderlust, we thought it only appropriate to combine the two for this week’s trend. It’s a great time to have an adventure, whether you’re jetting off to Bali or road tripping across the country. Extraordinary journeys with friends, new and old, to places not yet traveled are all encompassing traits of the perfect summer adventure.

It’s pretty easy to tie travel and design together since our stock photo library is jam packed with travel inspired stock images, vectors, and vintage designs to provide that authentic feel. With the content in our stock photo library we were able to whip up this jet-setting design in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop perfect for wishing someone–or yourself, “safe travels!”

stock photo library

So–where are you headed? Take flight and discover all the excursion-inspiring design elements in our stock photo library to create your own summer adventure graphic!


Explore More Summer Graphics


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Alex ReffieWeekly Design Trend: Vintage Travel Nostalgia

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime

by Caroline Mercurio on April 5, 2017 No comments

With spring just around the corner, flowers are beginning to bloom. Florals are always popular for encapsulating that springtime feeling, with bright, fresh colors. Our library has hundreds of stock flower vectors that can be used for any purpose to wipe away your winter blues and welcome you to spring!

Vectors are great to use in your projects. These floral designs can be used for branding purposes, whether you are creating labels or looking for a new logo design . Stuck on which flower vectors are best for you? We’ve curated the top 20 most eye-popping flower vectors, guaranteed to give you spring fever and help with any of your projects!

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

Top 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime
Download this floral vector pattern

And if these stock flower vectors don’t fill your springtime niche, check out these tutorials to find out how to make your very own vectors . Before you know it, you’ll be smelling the flowers with any of these floral vectors.


Jump into Spring


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Caroline MercurioTop 20 Flower Vectors For Springtime

21 Mesmerizing Stock Nature Photos Worth Sharing

by Jordan McElwain on March 1, 2017 No comments

One of the amazing things about stock nature photos is that they allow us to appreciate the beauty of the world through the eyes—and lens—of an artist. Sometimes all we need to think positively and feel inspired is a different perspective, so we’ve gathered 21 mesmerizing nature photos for you to share with your friends, family, and followers to give them a few friendly reminders from Mother Nature herself.

Pair these photos with cute quotes and inspirational advice to raise engagement levels on social media, download them and share them with friends and family when they need a pick me up, or choose some to create your own personalized stationery.

These beautiful nature photos are just a few of our favorites from the our stock images library. Download this set, then check out all of the awesome stock photos and graphics we have to offer.

1. This delightful frog will inspire you and your running buddy to hop back into your training.

Download and share this image.

2. This photo will help you remember that there is beauty in life even when you can’t see it clearly.

stock nature image - foggy photo
Download and share this image.

3. These frost-fighting leaves will remind you that anything is possible.

Stock nature photos - frosty leaves
Download and share this image.

4. Sometimes you have to visit some place remarkable to enjoy things you may not normally enjoy.

Nature Stock Photos - iceberg in greenland
Download and share this image.

5. This beautiful night sky is enough to make anyone want to go on a camping trip in the mountains to go stargazing.

Stock nature photos - space photos
Download and share this image.

6. This serious clownfish can help you remember to just keep swimming through life because that anemone “Can’t touch this.”

nature photos - clownfish
Download and share this image.

7. Sometimes if you are struggling with achieving your goals, you just need to “Let it go” like Elsa.

nature stock image - photo of cold frosty weather
Download and share this image.

8. Try to visit new places and see new things.

stock nature photos - red rocks in southwest US
Download and share this image.

9. Whether it’s going on a cruise or just staring at this beautiful photo of a sunset, find a way to escape when life gets stressful.

stock nature photo of sunset on the ocean
Download and share this image.

10. Remember to stop and take things in every once in a while—like this amazing view.

nature stock photos - landscape images
Download and share this image.

11. No matter how dark (and cold) things may seem, there is brightness just around the corner.

nature stock photos - sunflower field
Download and share this image.

12. The more you explore, the more hidden gems you’ll find.

nature stock photo of a natural waterfall
Download and share this image.

13.Learn to appreciate things even if you don’t understand them—like how a boat can float on water.

nature stock photo of a boat on foggy water
Download and share this image.

14. There is something to enjoy in every season.

nature photos of fall leaves
Download and share this image.

15. You have to get through the rocky times to enjoy the smooth ones.

nature stock photo - rocks on a beach
Download and share this image.

16. Enjoy the company of others.

stock nature photo trees in a forest
Download and share this image.

17. But remember to spend some time alone as well.

nature stock photo of a tree
Download and share this image.

18. Each day is a new beginning–-don’t let the past hold you back.

nature stock photo of a sunrise on the beach
Download and share this image.

19. Yellow isn’t just for gender neutral baby gifts.

nature stock photos - yellow flowers
Download and share this image.

20. Remember that being different is what makes us beautiful.

nature stock photos - shells on a beach
Download and share this image.

21.Remind your followers to get lost every once in awhile.

nature stock photos for wanderlust
Download and share this image.

Nature is beautiful, and taking the time to stop and appreciate it will help you stay relaxed and inspired. Share these photos with your friends to brighten up their days.


Start Sharing


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Jordan McElwain21 Mesmerizing Stock Nature Photos Worth Sharing

Stock Yourself: How One GraphicStock Member Got YouTube Famous

by Caroline Mercurio on February 10, 2017 No comments

Sometimes it’s hip to be “stock-y.” Music videos used to cost thousands of dollars and required high-tech hardware and editing programs. But now in the age of low-budget DIY creativity, YouTubers like Joe Penna—known as MysteryGuitarMan on his channel—can make engaging videos with just a few stock images and a talented hand in Adobe Photoshop, all without ever having to leave their homemade studio. Joe’s specialty is bringing the absurd to life with animation, special effects, and music.

Take a look at “Stock Photo-shop” and see for yourself:



Joe’s music video for “Believer” by the band Paper Lions features stock photos from GraphicStock, with Joe lip-syncing the lyrics. He even made sure the lighting on his face matched the lighting in the photo. The well-paced video over the infectious tune was uploaded on December 15th and has garnered over 300,000 views so far. The video was well-received by subscribers, who have been anticipating a new video from Joe since his previous upload two months prior.

We love seeing projects that our creative community makes—from fun music videos by YouTubers like Penna to exciting designs like last year’s Creative Rewards winner. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide high-quality stock content that fits any creator’s budget. The possibility are endless!


Discover Stock Images


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Caroline MercurioStock Yourself: How One GraphicStock Member Got YouTube Famous

What Thanksgiving With Family Is Actually Like, Told In Stock Photos

by Caroline Mercurio on November 15, 2016 No comments

Ah, Thanksgiving…It’s that time of year when family near and far draw together to enjoy a day of love, laughter, and feasting. But the idyllic gatherings shown in most stock photos don’t always capture the reality of “quality time” with relatives. Old sibling rivalries rise to the surface, and the in-laws ask awkward questions at the dinner table. But what’s Thanksgiving without a little family drama?

Inspired by our own fond memories of Thanksgivings past, we gathered the stock photos that more accurately represent the family feasting. For comparison, here’s how we like to imagine the holiday in pictures, followed by the more realistic version.

How We Like to Imagine Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Family Stock Photos
We think of all those we hold dear. We share memories and photos of all the things we are thankful for. Maybe we raise a glass to the years gone by or to the new year about to unfold. It’s a holiday in every sense of the word.

Or not.

What It’s Really Like

For many of us, Thanksgiving is the day when we’re are obligated to spend 12-48 hours with people who share our DNA—and not much else. Add to the fact that it’s an election year and…well, pass the punch, please.

If this sounds all too familiar, take a deep breath—you are not alone. To help you get through the day, we have put together a collection of images that are basically all of us on Thanksgiving. So come November 24, find a quiet corner (lock yourself in the closet if you must) and pull up this post for a quick Thanksgiving giggle.

Thanksgiving Family Stock Photos

Come on, Aunt Nancy. We all know what’s really in that mug.

Thanksgiving Family Stock Photos

Somehow it doesn’t matter if he’s watching the game or the parade—Pops will still spend the next 5 hours yelling at the TV.

Thanksgiving Family Stock Photos

What do you mean you’re changing your major from Engineering to Interpretive Dance?!?

Thanksgiving Family Stock Photos

Don’t mess with big bro, little guy!

Thanksgiving Family Stock Photos

NEVER tell Christine that her corn muffins are dry.

Thanksgiving Family Stock Photos

I can’t talk right now—Jason found chocolate and now he’s naked and destroying mom’s white couch.

Thanksgiving Family Stock Photos

Fluffy is secretly plotting vengeance.

Thanksgiving Family Stock Photos


Thanksgiving Family Stock Photos

So when am I getting grandchildren?

Thanksgiving Family Stock Photos

You’re my only hope, Pinot Noir. Never leave me.

Thanksgiving Family Stock Photos

And Aunt Helen is trying to use the rolling pin on her hair. Things just took a turn.

Thanksgiving Family Stock Photos

Please just eat your fruit. Literally anything that’s not chocolate. I’m begging you.

Thanksgiving Family Stock Photos

Yep, gave up and went to the bar with Uncle Larry.

Thanksgiving Family Stock Photos

Sweet mother of turkey. Let’s eat!

Sometimes a little laugh and some commiseration is all we need to get through the holidays. Even though they make us crazy, today is about family, and we know we sure will be sad when we say goodby on Friday. So give everyone a hug and dig into that beautiful bird. Cheers!


Make Your Stock Thanksgiving Story


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Caroline MercurioWhat Thanksgiving With Family Is Actually Like, Told In Stock Photos

GraphicStock Design Challenge: “Home”

by Caroline Mercurio on May 12, 2015 No comments

We’re giving away an iPad, a Wacom tablet, and a year’s subscription in this month’s design challenge!

To enter, just submit your best visual interpretation of “home,” using at least one element from the GraphicStock library—and we’ll select a first, second, and third-place winner to receive the prizes above (in their respective order).

Submissions should be sent to contest@graphicstock.com before the deadline of June 5, 2015.

Entrants must be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry and own the rights to any copyrighted material submitted. Each entry must contain at least one element from GraphicStock’s library (please include links in your submission) and no elements from stock libraries other than GraphicStock. By submitting, entrants agree to the standard design challenge rules.

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Caroline MercurioGraphicStock Design Challenge: “Home”

Our favorite stock images of 2014

by Caroline Mercurio on December 31, 2014 2 comments

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but stock images are worth more than eleven million downloads (thanks to your devoted downloading in 2014).
Among your favorite downloads from our library this past year were stock backgrounds, stock textures, and stock social media graphics—along with heavy hits in the Christmas celebration categories.
Without further adieu, here are the best stock images of 2014, ranked by number of user downloads. Happy downloading in the year ahead! We’re looking forward to bringing you the best stock images of 2015 and beyond.

Our favorite stock images of 2014 Our favorite stock images of 2014
Our favorite stock images of 2014 Our favorite stock images of 2014
vector-t-shirt-design-with-skull-and-wings_M1icrb__ christmas-greeting-card_zywbTEIO
metal-scratched-22-texture_zJk_Tord Wooden Floor Background
simply-minimal-infographic-template-design-vector_fkTprxwu Forest road. Landscape.

Our favorite stock images of 2014: Brian Platt writes about trends, design, and user’s awesome download habits for GraphicStock

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Caroline MercurioOur favorite stock images of 2014