The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Image Sizing

by Caroline Mercurio on October 14, 2016 3 comments

First impressions are key, and nowhere is that more true than on Facebook, where compelling visuals make or break your social success. To put your best foot forward, it’s important to optimize your marketing and branded creative for the platform–there’s nothing’s worse than uploading the perfect cover photo only to realize that important elements are hidden by buttons and text. The ideal specs for Facebook imagery involve too many pieces to commit to memory, so we’ve created a master guide to image sizing and dimensions on Facebook.

Here are the six essential types of images our guide covers:

For each of these we’ve created visual guides as well as examples using images from our royalty-free stock graphics library.


A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Sizing Elements
Of course, Facebook doesn’t make anything straightforward, and it’s constantly changing how it displays images on news feeds, personal profiles, and business pages. On top of which, the information Facebook provides can often seem contradictory. That’s why we’ve broken it all down based on these three important elements.

  • Recommended Sizing – These are the sizes best optimized for display on both mobile and desktop. Use these dimensions to avoid stretching, shrinking, or distortion in your images.
  • Minimum and Maximum Sizing – Most of Facebook’s image options have minimum and/or maximum size requirements. If you choose not to use the recommended dimensions, make sure your images still fit within these guidelines.
  • Display Sizing and Aspect Ratio – The size you upload your photos as will not always be the same size as what Facebook displays. Facebook will stretch or shrink your uploaded image to fit within the display size–if you choose not to upload a photo within the recommended sizing dimensions, keep the same aspect ratio as the display sizing to avoid image distortion.

We’ve also included important information such as which areas of your images will appear on desktop that may or may not be the same on mobile, as well as which zones may be covered by buttons or text.

Facebook’s Golden 20% Text Rule
For all images used in ads, Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm favors images with little to no text, and images with more than 20% text are not recommended. In fact, Facebook might reject the ad altogether if it detects a lot of text. However, it’s important to note that this does not apply to profile or cover photos.


Business Cover Photos

As of April 2016, profile photos now appear next to (rather than on top of) business cover photos. It’s important to note that what is visible for the desktop cover photo will not be the same as what appears on mobile (and vice versa) since they have two different display sizes–that’s why we’ve recommended the best size cover photo that works for both platforms, and have highlighted which areas are visible on each.

Facebook Image Sizing

Recommended: 828 x 315 pixels
Min/Max: 319 x 150 pixels (minimum); no maximum
Display Size and Aspect Ratio: 828 x 315 pixels (desktop) and 640 x 360 pixels (mobile); 16:9 (recommended aspect ratio)
Facebook Image SizingLike this adventurous snowy coast image? Download it from our library.

Facebook Image Sizing


Personal Cover Photos

Profile photos still load on top of personal cover photos. It’s important to know which areas of your photo will be covered by text, buttons, and your profile photo, in addition to which areas will be visible on desktop versus mobile.

Facebook Image Sizing

Recommended: 851 x 315 pixels
Min/Max: 405 x 150 pixels (minimum); no maximum
Display Size and Aspect Ratio: 851 x 315 pixels (desktop) and 563 x 315 pixels (mobile); 3:1.1
Facebook Image SizingLike this autumn sunrise mountain landscape? Download it from our library.

Facebook Image SizingOr download this portrait of a cheerful woman from our library.


Profile Photos

Profile photos are small but important. Not only will they show up on your personal or business profiles, but they will also appear as icons all over Facebook in news feeds and comment sections—this makes them the face of your brand or business and can be a perfect spot to showcase your company’s logo. Note that if your profile includes text or a vector logo, it’s best to upload the image as a PNG instead of a JPG. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out our post on top vectors for creating a fresh new logo for your company.

Facebook Image Sizing

Recommended: 800 x 800 pixels
Min/Max: 180 x 180 pixels (minimum); 800 x 800 (maximum)
Display Size and Aspect Ratio: 160 x 160 pixels; 1:1
Facebook Image Sizing

Like this globe icon? Download it from our library.


News Feed/Display Ad Photos

Promoted ads or links that appear in users’ news feeds are different from Carousel or Canvas displays ads, and each format has its own optimized image size.

Facebook Image Sizing

Recommended: 1200 x 900 pixels
Min/Max: 476 x 357 pixels (minimum); 1200 x 900 pixels (maximum)
Display Size and Aspect Ratio: Display size varies based on mobile or desktop and ad placement; 2:1.5
Facebook Image Sizing

Like this photograph of mountain tops in spring? Download it from our library.


Canvas Ad Photos

Similar to promoted link ads, canvas ads make use of the full space within users’ news feeds; however, canvas ads can also appear in the right column sidebar next to newsfeeds.

Facebook Image Sizing

Recommended: 1200 x 628 pixels
Min/Max: 467 x 249 pixels (minimum); 1200 x 628 (maximum)
Display Size and Aspect Ratio: Display size varies based on mobile or desktop and ad placement; 1.9:1
Facebook Image SizingLike this image of a young hiker jumping rocks? Download it from our library.


Carousel Ad Photos

Appearing everywhere canvas ads can, carousel ads give marketers the ability to showcase a variety of products or messaging through an ad slider.

Facebook Image Sizing

Recommended: 600 x 600 pixels
Min/Max: 476 x 476 pixels (minimum); 800 x 800 pixels (maximum)
Display Size and Aspect Ratio: Display size varies based on mobile or desktop and ad placement; 1:1

Like these photographs of outdoor sports? Download them from our library.

Facebook Image Sizing

Ready to start designing your marketing creative for Facebook? GraphicStock has over 300,000 royalty-free stock images, including editable vectors, high-resolution photographs, essential design elements, and more that you can download and use forever.


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Caroline MercurioThe Ultimate Guide to Facebook Image Sizing

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    Hey Caroline, great article with lots of helpful sizing info! One thing I’d like to add is the Facebook’s Golden 20% Text Rule – there is an exception to this rule – which is for Book covers. If your image contains a book cover the text on the cover is not counted towards the 20%.

    Sometimes you have to remind Facebook about this though. When working with author’s at I often tell them to push back if their ads initially get rejected.

    Great reference article that I will be sure to mention to my audience – thanks!

    Caroline Mercurio - October 19, 2016 reply

    Hi Steve,

    I am so glad you enjoyed the article, thank you for adding this information!



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