Designing A Yoga Poster Part I

by Mallory on May 16, 2014 No comments

Designing A Yoga Poster Part I: Synonyms and Sunrises

With spring in the air, we’re tracking record downloads of all images green, sunny, and fitness related—so we’re taking the hint and aligning this month’s tutorial with all of the above, crafting a print-ready “yoga in the park” poster sourced entirely from the Graphic Stock library.

First, some creative brainstorming: Searching only for images pertaining to “yoga” and “park” would introduce a lot of limits, so it’s helpful to expand these terms prior to searching for imagery.

“Yoga” is synonymous with or closely related to terms like “fitness,” “stretching,” “meditation,” “Om,” and “lotus”; and “park” expands similarly to include “sun,” “grass,” and “city” (useful for contrasting backgrounds).

We could, of course, continue these expansions further, but that’s really not necessary unless you need to add very specific elements—say, for example, if you’re in a region where parks have palm trees or border mountains rather than cities.

Using the terms above makes it 70-461 easy to find very relevant images like that below depicting a yogi on grass:

yoga1But it’s going to need some adjusting in order to really saturate the theme of our poster.

The first step? Selecting only the vector elements we want and pasting them onto a new vertical canvas.

Despite the lens flare, the original sky was a little cold in the stock image and didn’t really convey the sort of inviting warmth that’s a big selling point of outdoor fitness sessions.

Meanwhile, yoga has enough ties to sunshine, à la sun salutations, to further the justification for a massive yellow-orange gradient.

And while clouds are no doubt lofty and tied to the spirituality that often adjoins yoga, we want to make sure our clouds are welcoming and closer to sunrises than storms—so we’ll lift them a bit and lower their opacity to take on more of that golden hue.

Looking for part 2 or 3?

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Designing A Yoga Poster Part I

MalloryDesigning A Yoga Poster Part I

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