Trending This Week: What’s a Bokeh?

by Alex Reffie on July 11, 2017 No comments

From warm, softly lit portraits to surreal landscape photography—there’s one photo effect that’s taking this summer by storm. Pronounced BOH-Kay, Bokeh is the aesthetic achieved when a camera lens renders out of focus points of light in a photo. It also produces a soft background effect with whimsical specks of light around the subject—giving it that almost ethereal look. Luckily, you don’t have to learn a new fancy camera trick to get this effect. You can create it in Photoshop using any photo you’d like—and what better way to try this out then by using royalty-free stock images right from our library.

To try this whole Bokeh fad out, we chose a landscape photo full of natural light—and just a hint of summer.

royalty-free stock images Download this portrait of a woman with flowers.

Once we got into Photoshop it was pretty fun to experiment with the Bokeh Brush we made. Just a few strokes here and there and we were able to get that elegant look we were going for.

This effect works great for images used in advertising, branding, or just adding some fun touch ups to your summer vacation photos.

Here are a few other royalty-free stock images we thought would be great to try this effect out on.
royalty-free stock image Download this summery stock image.
WDT-4 Download this creative landscape image.
WDT-3 Download this fun-lovin’ image.
WDT-2 Purchase this whimsical landscape stock image.
WDT-1 Download this blooming stock image.

Wanna try it out for yourself? Our library has tons of fresh royalty-free stock images great for perfecting your Bokeh skills.

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Alex ReffieTrending This Week: What’s a Bokeh?

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