The Top 20 Nature Vectors for Winter-Inspired Designs

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With winter nature vectors, you can decorate almost any object and create your own digital projects. These snowy and festive images can help bring together your designs with winter-inspired scenery and graphics. So whether you’re hoping to create a winter snowscape scene to frame on your wall or design your very own holiday sweater, you can easily find winter nature vectors to personalize.

To help you along, we’ve curated our top 20 landscape and animal-themed winter vectors—use them to customize your winter gifts, create holiday cards, add a dramatic winter landscape to your computer desktop, develop your own social media banner, or print your own wrapping paper.


Landscape Nature Vectors

A landscape vector sets a scene and creates a mood for your design. Use one as a backdrop for other vector graphics or select a landscape to stand on its own. You can scale the vector to any dimension without distorting the imagery, so these vectors work well for projects as large as a billboard or as small as a mouse pad.

Beginning artists often use assets by other artists to inspire them or to add dimension to their work. Instead of creating an entire winter landscape scene from scratch, choose a pre-made landscape and add other elements as you see fit. For example, you might add galloping reindeer to a snowy hillside or add text to a simpler landscape.

You can also use landscape nature vectors as artwork for your walls. Adjust the vector as you see fit, then export the vector from Adobe Illustrator as a JPG. From there, you can scale the image to suit the dimensions you want for your artwork.

Use these landscape nature vectors to spark your imagination.

Nature Vector

Download this seamless winter vector

Nature Vector

Download this abstract winter birch trees vector image.

Nature Vector

Download this bright night with moon vector image.

Nature Vector

Download this festive pine tree landscape vector image.

Nature Vector

Download this wintry Rocky Mountain landscape vector.

Nature Vector

Download this winter landscape vector image.

Nature Vector

Download this snowman in the sun vector image.

Nature Vector

Download this multicolored winter background vector image.

Nature Vector

Download this snowy landscape vector image.

Nature Vector

Download this winter landscape vector.


Animals in Nature Vectors

Cute animals never fail to draw smiles when they’re used in artwork and other projects. Animals that often make appearances in winter nature vectors include squirrels, deer, birds, and polar bears, but you can find almost any animal in a winter-related scene.

Some animal nature vectors feature a single animal with a transparent background—you can insert these animals into any design to add visual interest. Other animal vectors feature multiple animals, often in detailed scenes—use these vectors by themselves or add other elements to make the image your own.

Animal nature vectors also work great for holiday cards, storybooks, party fliers, and other projects that you might undertake during the winter. Kids often respond well to animals, so products or gifts for children tend to feature them.

Explore some of our most popular animal nature vectors with winter themes.

Nature Vector

Download this winter frame with birds vector image.

Nature Vector

Download this wildlife winter vector image.

Nature Vector

Download this winter branch with red bird vector image.

Nature Vector

Download this snow geese in winter landscape vector image.

Nature Vector

Download this winter background with swan vector image.

Nature Vector

Download this wintry lovebirds vector image.

Nature Vector

Download this reindeer with winter background vector image.

Nature Vector

Download this cat with snowy home vector image.

Nature Vector

Download this fox with snow mountains vector image.

Nature Vector

Download this snowy owl vector image.


How to Work With Winter Nature Vector Art

When you’ve chosen your winter nature vectors, download them and open them in Adobe Illustrator or other vector editing program. You can change the vectors or combine them for whatever project you’ve chosen. Use the software’s tools to change colors, move objects to different positions, and make other adjustments. Once you’re happy with your design, save the changes so that you can always access your vector file later. You can also save the original to ensure nondestructive editing.

At this point, you can open the image in Adobe Photoshop or other image editing program to make any final edits. Some designers prefer to work exclusively in Illustrator, while others shift back and forth between Illustrator and Photoshop to take full advantage of each program’s tools.

Winter nature vectors can add more variety to your digital assets and allow you to speed up the design process. Can’t decide which of these 20 winter vectors you like the most? Download them all from our royalty-free stock image library—all with unlimited downloads when you have a GraphicStock membership.


Discover a Winter Wonderland


Caroline MercurioThe Top 20 Nature Vectors for Winter-Inspired Designs

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