Update Your Design Style Using Retro Graphics

by TJ Leonard on December 19, 2013 No comments

With so many designs in the creative world today, “inspirational pieces” can become boring and redundant. So what do you do?

Use inspired retro graphics to create distinct, attention grabbing designs.

With artists such as Shepard Fairey, whose streetwise graffiti evolved into the ubiquitous Obama “Change” poster that represented his 2008 campaign, and the phantom artist Banksy, with his retro abstract style and grunge stenciling techniques, underground street-art has come to the forefront. These bold artists have given way for an entirely new contemporary movement of bringing back older looks to create bold modern statements.

So what do the look entail? What is Retro, anyway?

Retro is all about paying tribute to styles that have worked in the past, but resurrecting them in a whole new light. With the rise in popularity of events like Movember, retro concepts are popping up across every portion of modern pop culture.  This type of design incorporates a simplistic combination of old-timey stencil-style, vintage notions, and pop art. Recently, retro art has incorporated more of a grunge edge as well. It’s the 90’s all over again, folks, just with a more professional, polished aesthetic.

Check out these retro-style graphics for inspiration you can use to really take your ideas to the next level.

collection-web-icons-in-disc-dials-of-old-retro-phone-913-503 retro-set1-01-111413-2122.eps
retro-style-cloud-computing-concept-913-1399 textured-retro-geometric-background-913-1666

Use retro graphics to update a wide range of your designs

  • Modernize the look of your website (it’s time…)
  • Print cooler t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc
  • Create media icons to jazz up your music library
  • Form a powerful message using simple imagery

Is it time to update your designs with a dose of retro cool?

TJ LeonardUpdate Your Design Style Using Retro Graphics

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