Graphic Stock Announce: We Have Photoshop Files

by Caroline Mercurio on April 9, 2014 1 comment

Graphic Stock is proud to announce our files are downloadable in a Photoshop format.

EPS and PDF files are vector formats. These images can be scaled to any size without losing quality. They also contain layers (just like Photoshop.) However, these files must be opened with vector editing software in order to be scaled and retain layers.

PNG and JPEG are raster formats cannot be scaled beyond their original size without losing quality (becoming pixelated or grainy). PNGs are able to contain transparency, when an image is created in such a way. Both PNGs and JPEGs are flat images, meaning that by their nature they have no layers.

If our users don’t have the appropriate software, they can’t edit graphics and retain their layers. Based on survey data the majority of our customers use Photoshop, so this is why we’ve created PSDs. PSD files contain layers but are raster images.

PSD files are made specifically for Photoshop. They contain a varying number of layers (anywhere from 5 to over 1,000) depending on how the original EPS files were organized.

Now, you can edit our images in Photoshop with more control than ever before. You can delete elements you don’t want, change how items overlap, and easily edit elements without needing to manually selecting items.

As Graphic Stock, we’re super happy to give you an insane amount of seriously amazing and useful files. We hope this makes you, our beloved customers, happy too.

To find PSD files in our library, refine your search on the left hand side of the screen under “Download Format,” and then click, “Update Search,” as you can see here:


Check out this little preview of our total offering of PSD files. Get a subscription and head to our library for more!

vector-set-of-calligraphic-design-elements-913-1941 white-paper-numbered-banners-913-2094 64-1013-A0066 232-1013-A0234 vector-set-of--isolated-photo-frames-913-1931 yellow-notice-papers-with-elements-for-attaching-paper-913-2133 100-1013-A0102153-1013-A0155


Caroline MercurioGraphic Stock Announce: We Have Photoshop Files

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