Trending This Week: Boost Brand Identity with Graphic Backgrounds

by Caitlyn Hampton on June 9, 2017 No comments

A logo doesn’t have to be the hero of your brand identity. In fact, you know by now a brand is made up of many more elements—but were you aware that patterns can be another amazing visual identity tool? Patterns and graphic backgrounds can help create cohesion and consistency across your various touch points. They aren’t entirely new to the brand identity world, yet they have gained popularity in recent times as another effective method for conveying your brand’s personality—and can even become more recognizable than your logo itself. Not to mention they are unique and engaging.

This trend is a flexible one. It can be applied to a variety of mediums—try it on banner ads, stationary, packaging, website backgrounds, and even store-fronts. Stock vectors and illustrations make it easy to find a ready-made background that can be easily customized. With vector files, you can apply your brand’s color palette in a simple way that helps with cohesion and brand recognition. Check out the variety of designs we created using one stock graphic background below.

graphic backgrounds

Download the graphic background used in this design.

For a look that varies, play with the scale of your patterns. Consider cropping it up and close and personal, or even minimizing the size of the elements so that they almost create an optical illusion.

Patterns can communicate a part of your personality that a simple logotype or mark could not. They can represent seasons or special campaigns your company runs. The opportunities are nearly endless—how can you imagine incorporating graphic backgrounds into your own brand’s design?


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Caitlyn HamptonTrending This Week: Boost Brand Identity with Graphic Backgrounds

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