Free Minimalistic Vector Icons That Will Elevate Any Design Project

by Maddie Stearn on November 4, 2015 No comments

Minimalistic icons were growing in popularity even before Apple released iOS 7, but the trend really took off once Apple was on board. Apple’s departure from beveled icons with glossy finishes caused app designers to follow suit, sparking a surge in app redesigns to fit Apple’s new minimalist standards. Since then, graphic and web designers have continued to pursue flat, linear icons.

But just because Apple gives its stamp of approval doesn’t mean we should all follow, right? If Apple jumped off a bridge, would you jump? (Don’t answer that.) Luckily, this doesn’t seem to be a bridge-jumping situation. The move toward minimalist designs generally makes sense, especially in the world of web design. Minimalism makes websites and apps easier to navigate, increasing efficiency and overall user-happiness.

minimalist icons-min

Whether you’re designing a website, app, or even an ad, stock minimalistic icons will help get your message across. Start creating by checking out all of the flat icons that went into the graphic featured above.

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Maddie StearnFree Minimalistic Vector Icons That Will Elevate Any Design Project

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