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For those of us who don’t enjoy beautiful weather year round, autumn is a welcome reprieve from the extremes of summer and winter. The arrival of fall reminds us that nice weather does still exist, and that we should probably go outside more often before winter takes over.

In the United States, autumn is usually associated with Thanksgiving, Halloween, and (in certain regions) the leaves changing color. While you’ll see plenty of advertisements that take advantage of these associations, designers can also invoke the feelings of autumn simply by using fall color schemes.

Free Autumn Vector Images

Take the graphic above: there is nothing inherently “fall-like” about a hedgehog, sunflowers, and a bicycle, but these elements look at home in an autumn graphic because of their colors and design. The yellows and oranges reflect the greater color scheme, while the images themselves match the whimsy of the entire graphic.

As you design for fall (or any season, for that matter), use this hedgehog as a reminder that color schemes open up a whole world of possibilities. Combine that with a large selection of stock autumn graphics and you’ll be unstoppable. You can get started by checking out all of the elements that went into the design above.

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Maddie StearnAutumn Vector Images

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