Have No Fear—These Halloween Stock Vector Projects Are Scary Easy

by Caroline Mercurio on October 7, 2016 1 comment

We love Halloween. As soon as the calendar hits October 1st, we start thinking of ways to utilize our royalty-free stock vectors for all sorts of inventive Halloween designs. Last year we created awesome printable Halloween masks, but this year we’re taking it to another level with festive posters, invitations, and pumpkin carving templates.

Our library is full of unique Halloween vectors, and the beauty of working with them is how easy they are to customize or incorporate into your larger design—even in Photoshop. Here are three fun and spooky ways you can bring your Halloween creations back from the dead this year.


1. An Eye-Catching Event Poster

Halloween Stock Vector Projects
Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, starts the day after Halloween and brings colorful inspiration beyond orange and black. With one of the intricate sugar skull vectors in our library, we created a vibrant event poster highlighting this traditional illustration.

To recreate this poster:

1. Open a new Photoshop file with poster dimensions of 24 x 36 inches and color the background black.

2. Drop in this sugar skull vector, then select and delete the white background—you may need to rasterize the layer first.

3. Enter your desired text with your chosen typeface.

4. Warp the top text by clicking menu item Type>Warp Text>Style: Arc. Be sure Horizontal is checked and adjust to your desired bend.

To add a little more depth to the poster, we also added a few texture layers. Place this grunge texture image as the top layer. Resize it to the full width of the poster, change the blend mode to Multiply, and lower the opacity to 25%. Add another geometric texture above the background layer and adjust the opacity to 25%. These textures add visual interest and keep the poster from appearing too flat.


2. Spirited Party Invitations

Halloween Stock Vector Projects
Sometimes you’ve got to get punny, and there’s no better time than Halloween. Our library has plenty of festive and easily customized illustrations and vectors, like this owl artwork.

To recreate this invitation:

1. Open a new Photoshop file sized at 4 x 6 inches.

2. Place the owl image into the file as a smart object, resize it to 4 inches wide, and center it horizontally and vertically.

3. Rasterize the layer and fill in the remaining background by selecting the surrounding area and clicking menu item Edit>Fill>Contents: Content Aware.

4. Create new text and add in “Owl See You Oct. 31” or your own customized text. For this poster, we continued to use the Google Font, Creepster.

5. Add any additional party information below the owl.

Not much of a planner and afraid of using snail mail? Don’t worry, these graphics are also great for social media use. You can make the dimension of your artwork either square or horizontal and still achieve the same effect by posting to a Facebook event or even by sharing through email.


3. Spooky Pumpkin Carving Templates

Halloween Stock Vector Projects
Halloween is incomplete without an old fashioned carved pumpkin or two. While carving pumpkins maybe be a timeless tradition, you can apply some tech-savvy techniques to your artistry. We’ve gathered a few simple and spooky graphics that would make excellent templates for your pumpkins.

To create your own carving template:

1. Open the vector file in Photoshop and convert the images to a highly contrasted black and white graphic. (Image>Mode>Grayscale; Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast—and increase contrast to desired level.)

2. Print them out and stencil in the black areas after cutting them from the paper.

3. Carve the appropriate portions of each design into your pumpkin. We used these freaky teeth and added some basic eyes before printing. Or check out more vectors and illustrations we’ve used for pumpkin carving.

Halloween is about having fun and letting loose. Don’t feel like you have to play by the rules when creating your designs. You can take them to a scary, horror-inspired level or get silly and playful like we did. But start prepping soon—Halloween is just around the corner.


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Caroline MercurioHave No Fear—These Halloween Stock Vector Projects Are Scary Easy

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