What’s Your City’s Design Style?

by Maddie Stearn on August 3, 2015 No comments

Have you noticed any design trends unique to your city? Ever wondered what’s popular in other cities and across the country? Dot & Bo, a curated interior design site, recently compiled data from their orders to determine the style preferences of cities in the U.S. We then filtered the results through our library and produced a few galleries to highlight the diverse styles of some of our most represented cities—starting with Atlanta, Boston, and Portland.


Atlanta Label

Mint green reigns supreme in this Southern city, and our Atlanta-themed gallery takes full advantage of GraphicStock’s mint green offerings. Staying true to Atlanta’s preference for antique-inspired design, we tailored our gallery to combine soft pastel colors with elegant vintage patterns.

Atlanta city design examples

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Quite the opposite of Atlanta, Boston leans heavily toward contemporary shapes and clean lines. Like the city itself, our Boston gallery combines strong elements with the occasional pop of color to create a diversity of modern graphics.

Boston's design examples

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Portland labelPortland is the wild card of the bunch, and wild is definitely the key word here. Bright colors, thick strokes, and abstract patterns blend seamlessly together to create the bold designs in our curated Portland gallery.

Portland's design examples

See more Portland design examples

What’s your city’s design style? And where have you found it in our library?


Maddie StearnWhat’s Your City’s Design Style?

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