Veronica Leonard Wins the Creative Rewards Challenge with a Design for a Good Cause

by Caroline Mercurio on April 20, 2016 3 comments

Creative Rewards Challenge winner Veronica Leonard won us over with her poster design featuring GraphicStock images for a concert fundraiser in Huntsville, Ontario. The event benefited a local children’s foundation, The Huntsville Performing Arts Collective, and included an evening of musicians across a wide variety of genres. Leonard used her expertise to create a unifying visual theme for the event—one that made her the standout winner for our challenge.

Creative Rewards Winner Veronica Leonard

As our grand prize winner, we interviewed Leonard to find out more about her creative pursuits and to see what advice she has for fellow GraphicStock members.
GraphicStock: What excites you most about graphic design?

Leonard: I am driven by the creative process and by working with a client to develop their vision. I love chatting with them in detail about their story, why they are passionate about their project, and how they see it rolling out. Often, as we’re chatting, I will get ideas about how the design will look and feel. I am a huge typography nerd and love how it can enhance the tone of the overall design. Sometimes, the typography even sets the tone itself!
GraphicStock: What is the most important thing that you’ve learned about design so far?

Leonard: Keep learning, talk to other designers, and be curious. I know that’s more than one important thing—but I believe that they are all intertwined and can only help to enhance your design career. All of those elements keep me excited about sitting down at my computer and working.
GraphicStock: What was your inspiration for your project?

Leonard: When I was originally approached with the idea for this event, I knew that I wanted to be involved. Not only was this fundraiser the first all-encompassing event that highlighted local performers from all types of genres, but it was for a wonderful cause. Because it was the first of its kind, I knew that the marketing materials needed to convey the idea that, while the performers may come from different backgrounds, they were all joined by one common theme—music. And so the image that all the other elements revolve around is a large pair of speakers from GraphicStock.
GraphicStock: What’s the next project you’re working on?

Leonard: Right now, I am working with a brand development consultant to get a startup off the ground with their website, logo, and marketing materials. I am also going to be doing some more formal collaborating with a graphic and web design team in the fall. So, exciting things are happening!
GraphicStock: How do you use our content to create your projects?

Leonard: I browse GraphicStock for inspiration for all of my projects. Sometimes I am searching for something specific and other times, I’ll just search for a keyword and see what pops up. More often than not, I will end up downloading a few things, even if they do not pertain to the current project I’m working on, to add them to my graphic files.
GraphicStock: What do you like most about working with our graphics library?

Leonard: I love that GraphicStock has tons of images with transparent backgrounds and the ability to acquire images in various formats. This has made it enormously easier for me to work with my downloads, as I can get them in the format that I require without having to tinker with them before I use them.
To learn more about Veronica Leonard’s work, you can find her through her website or on Facebook.


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Caroline MercurioVeronica Leonard Wins the Creative Rewards Challenge with a Design for a Good Cause


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