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Introducing Marketplace Content: 10 Million New Images, Straight from Artists

by Christopher Petow on April 1, 2017 No comments

From day one, it’s been our mission to put the creative community first—making high-quality content affordable while treating artists fairly. That’s why we launched a Marketplace on sister site VideoBlocks in 2015, and it’s why we are now bringing Marketplace content to GraphicStock.

This change adds millions of options to our library for just $3.99 per image. Plus, 100% of every member purchase from Marketplace content goes back to the artist who created the image. No other stock media platform comes close to this. Artists take home a very small cut of the profits on sites like Shutterstock and Getty. Because of our unique subscription model, members save and artists earn more on every Marketplace sale. It’s a true win-win!

Here’s what you need to know about Marketplace content:

  • Any image, any size costs only $3.99 for members. That’s 60% off non-member pricing.
  • You still get unlimited downloads of membership content, including 380K+ photos, vectors, and more.
  • We will continue adding high-quality membership content that you can download at no additional charge.
  • Marketplace content is uploaded by 3rd party artists and licensed directly to GraphicStock members. We do not own the rights to this content.
  • Artists keep 100% of all sales to members. GraphicStock does not make any revenue off these sales. We only make revenue off subscription fees.
  • Our Marketplace is the most artist-friendly stock media platform in the industry. No other competitor can match our 100% commission.
  • Only GraphicStock members can choose from the 10MM+ Marketplace images and pay $3.99/ each. Non-members pay $9.99 per image.
  • There is no obligation to purchase Marketplace content.

Now, when you search on GraphicStock, you will see both Membership and Marketplace content appear in your results. The variety that appears will continue to expand as more artists upload their content. If you only want to see the images that are free for members to download, simply check the box next to “Membership Content” in the left-hand search filter bar. All Marketplace content will disappear, and you can download anything you want from what’s left.

We’re so excited to bring exclusive savings on millions of amazing images to our members, and to support the work of artists along the way! We hope you feel the same way.

If you have any questions, please take a look at our FAQ or contact a real person at our Arlington, VA office by emailing

If you’re interested in contributing to Marketplace content, please visit our contributor portal.

Ready to dive into 10 million high-quality images?




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Christopher PetowIntroducing Marketplace Content: 10 Million New Images, Straight from Artists

Welcome to GraphicStock! Find Out What Makes Us Different with This Short Video

by Caroline Mercurio on November 1, 2016 No comments

When you become a GraphicStock member, you get unlimited access to our library of 350,000+ royalty-free photos, vectors, and illustrations. It’s the easiest way to find and download high-quality stock images. Learn more about what makes us different from all other stock sites with this quick explainer video.



Ready to get started? Discover some of the graphics that our members have ranked highest, like our top 20 landscape backgrounds and most popular vector poster templates—all included with your subscription. No matter what your next creative project is, we have stock graphics to help bring your vision to life. And remember, once you download an image, it is yours to keep and use forever.


Explore Your Creative Library


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Caroline MercurioWelcome to GraphicStock! Find Out What Makes Us Different with This Short Video

20 Best Graphics for Web Design—Icons and Images that Will Optimize Your Website

by Caroline Mercurio on October 27, 2016 2 comments

In our visual world, there is a lot of overlap between graphic design and web design. Vector Graphics for websites can be a great tool to create visual interest—an important skill for any effective web designer. As Saul Bass once said, “Design is thinking made visual.” Nowhere is that more true than in web design, where the newest technologies meet audience interaction on a constantly changing basis.

It’s a tall order to fill—especially in our media-saturated market—but stock graphics can help you create a professional-looking website with minimal effort. To help you get started, we’ve gathered our top 20 graphics for web design so that you never have to sacrifice function for form. You can download all 20 as part of your GraphicStock membership.

Explore the images that our community ranks the highest for web design:

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Glossy Download Buttons Set

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Infographic Chart Template

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Stamp Vector Element

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Abstract Blue Background

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Colorful Pie Chart Graphic

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Infographic Template Layout

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Paper Banners Stock Image

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Abstract Paper Speech Bubbles Stock Image

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Vintage Label Design Set

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Vector Template and Design Element Set for Infographics

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Pattern of Geometric Shapes

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Web Mail Icons Set

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Wedding Graphic Set

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Blue Retro Quality Guarantee Label

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Retro Premium Quality Labels Set

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Vertical Numbered Banners Set

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Blue Infographic Vector Template

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Background Vector Template

Graphics for Web Design

Download This Watercolor Background Template

Graphics for Web Design

Download This World Map Infographic Elements Graphic

Use icon graphics in place of text to lead readers through your web page, punch up your backgrounds with a retro pattern graphic, or even add an eye-catching infographic to drive home your page’s mission. With everything you see and so much more—including thousands of photos, backgrounds, and illustrations—there’s no market you can’t conquer.

To get even more design inspiration, take a look at our guide to the hottest design trends of 2016

We’d love to see what you end up making! Share your next project with us in the comments, or upload it to Instagram and tag @graphicstock_.


Get All 20 Web Graphics


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Caroline Mercurio20 Best Graphics for Web Design—Icons and Images that Will Optimize Your Website

Everything You Need to Know About the New Photoshop and Illustrator CC Updates

by Caroline Mercurio on July 8, 2016 2 comments

A few weeks ago, Adobe announced some huge updates to its Photoshop and Illustrator Creative Cloud applications, but with all of the changes, it can be hard to keep track of what’s new and how it will affect—and perhaps improve—your project’s workflow. That’s why we’ve put together a quick summary of everything you need to know about the newest features added to these essential CC programs.

New Updates to Photoshop CC

Overall, the most significant improvement to Photoshop for all users, regardless of the needs of individual projects, is the newly improved program performance and speed. Adobe has greatly reduced the program’s start-up time and removed a number of extraneous dialog boxes or warnings.

Here’s a quick look at the other new features that Adobe’s recently added to the program.

New Select and Mask Taskspace Improvements

The improved Selection and Mask Taskspace tools allows users to create selections and masks more easily and efficiently. Adobe has perfected the tools, minimizing the number of clicks and mouse movements needed when creating a selection or mask.

Adobe has also added new features in the Selection and Mask Taskspace. Most notably, this includes the addition of Visualization Controls, a Refine Edge Brush, and a simple brush—all of which will give you more power and manual control when making selections and masks in your project.

New Content-Aware Crop Capabilities

The Content-Aware Fill can help users better preserve the look of an image when cropping, using smart computing to algorithmically fill in the gaps of a canvas. This allows users to rotate or expand their canvas with the crop tool while still avoiding blank space.

Adobe suggests a few popular uses for this new function, such as moving the horizon of a photo to add more sky, changing the aspect ratio of an image, and filling in the corners of a rotated image.

Face Aware Liquify

This new upgrade to Photoshop’s Liquify tool uses Adobe’s algorithmic Face-Aware technology to automatically identify and adjust facial features—including the jaw, nose, lips, or eyes—to either retouch them or add artistic effects.

New Match Font Feature

With the addition of the new Match Font feature, Photoshop’s intelligent imaging analysis can detect the font used in an original image and match it to a licensed font available on your computer or in the Adobe Typekit. This new feature allows artists to quickly and easily mirror type found in photographs or older image files for which the font information has been lost.

To read more in-depth about the recent updates to Adobe Photoshop CC, check out Adobe’s comprehensive breakdown of its updates.


New Update to Illustrator CC

As with Photoshop, one of the biggest overall updates to Illustrator is the improved performance and loading time for the program—this also includes fast export of assets and artboards.

Here’s a quick look at the other new features that Adobe’s recently added to the program.

Live Shapes and Transform Panel Updates

This update makes the Live Shapes and Transform panel easier than ever to interface with. Corner controls will now auto-hide while shapes are being scaled, making the creative interface less cluttered and more suited to project workflows.

Read about the newest improvements the newest improvements from Illustrator’s lead project manager to learn more about Adobe.

Want to try out the new features with a creative project? Download one our royalty-free vectors, photographs, or illustrations and see what you can accomplish with the latest from Adobe Creative Cloud.


Start Creating



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Caroline MercurioEverything You Need to Know About the New Photoshop and Illustrator CC Updates

Veronica Leonard Wins the Creative Rewards Challenge with a Design for a Good Cause

by Caroline Mercurio on April 20, 2016 3 comments

Creative Rewards Challenge winner Veronica Leonard won us over with her poster design featuring GraphicStock images for a concert fundraiser in Huntsville, Ontario. The event benefited a local children’s foundation, The Huntsville Performing Arts Collective, and included an evening of musicians across a wide variety of genres. Leonard used her expertise to create a unifying visual theme for the event—one that made her the standout winner for our challenge.

Creative Rewards Winner Veronica Leonard

As our grand prize winner, we interviewed Leonard to find out more about her creative pursuits and to see what advice she has for fellow GraphicStock members.
GraphicStock: What excites you most about graphic design?

Leonard: I am driven by the creative process and by working with a client to develop their vision. I love chatting with them in detail about their story, why they are passionate about their project, and how they see it rolling out. Often, as we’re chatting, I will get ideas about how the design will look and feel. I am a huge typography nerd and love how it can enhance the tone of the overall design. Sometimes, the typography even sets the tone itself!
GraphicStock: What is the most important thing that you’ve learned about design so far?

Leonard: Keep learning, talk to other designers, and be curious. I know that’s more than one important thing—but I believe that they are all intertwined and can only help to enhance your design career. All of those elements keep me excited about sitting down at my computer and working.
GraphicStock: What was your inspiration for your project?

Leonard: When I was originally approached with the idea for this event, I knew that I wanted to be involved. Not only was this fundraiser the first all-encompassing event that highlighted local performers from all types of genres, but it was for a wonderful cause. Because it was the first of its kind, I knew that the marketing materials needed to convey the idea that, while the performers may come from different backgrounds, they were all joined by one common theme—music. And so the image that all the other elements revolve around is a large pair of speakers from GraphicStock.
GraphicStock: What’s the next project you’re working on?

Leonard: Right now, I am working with a brand development consultant to get a startup off the ground with their website, logo, and marketing materials. I am also going to be doing some more formal collaborating with a graphic and web design team in the fall. So, exciting things are happening!
GraphicStock: How do you use our content to create your projects?

Leonard: I browse GraphicStock for inspiration for all of my projects. Sometimes I am searching for something specific and other times, I’ll just search for a keyword and see what pops up. More often than not, I will end up downloading a few things, even if they do not pertain to the current project I’m working on, to add them to my graphic files.
GraphicStock: What do you like most about working with our graphics library?

Leonard: I love that GraphicStock has tons of images with transparent backgrounds and the ability to acquire images in various formats. This has made it enormously easier for me to work with my downloads, as I can get them in the format that I require without having to tinker with them before I use them.
To learn more about Veronica Leonard’s work, you can find her through her website or on Facebook.


Get Inspired by Music Graphics


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Caroline MercurioVeronica Leonard Wins the Creative Rewards Challenge with a Design for a Good Cause

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of GraphicStock

by Caroline Mercurio on April 5, 2016 1 comment

Even the most seasoned GraphicStock creator might not know about all of the cool stuff our site can do—that’s why we enlisted Mike (our tutorial extraordinaire) to teach you about five awesome features that will help you use advanced search options, organize your content, and much more.

We’re working to make sure our members are getting the most out of their subscription. Did you know you can search GraphicStock by color? Or filter by orientation? Maybe you want to learn more about project folders and how they can streamline your workflow? Whatever your upcoming project, Mike is here to assist in your quest for the perfect graphic to complete your creative vision.

Watch this quick tutorial to learn about all these cool GraphicStock features.

Ready to put Mike’s tips to use? Head on over to the GraphicStock website to give these features a whirl.

Try Out All the Features
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Caroline Mercurio5 Ways to Get the Most Out of GraphicStock

Introducing Creative Rewards Month: Special Deals, New Images, and Member Features

by Caroline Mercurio on March 24, 2016 No comments

There’s nothing we love more than seeing the creative ways that members use our content. That’s why we’re introducing Creative Rewards Month — a solid four weeks of new graphics categories, exclusive discounts, and member features. Each week in April, we’ll be announcing benefits for both new and current customers to show our appreciation for the work you do.

Here’s what to look out for during Creative Rewards Month at GraphicStock:

New Images

April will be a landmark month for adding new categories of graphics to our library. We’ve been listening to member requests and are preparing to release new and exclusive collections of photos, all of which will be free to subscribers. The collections will include high-demand categories like animals and wildlife, nature, and fitness.

Special Offers

Both new and existing customers will have opportunities to save money on premium content throughout Creative Rewards Month. For a limited time, new members will be able to sign up for six months of GraphicStock for only $39. Existing members will have a chance to make double the usual referral bonus, getting $40 cash for every friend who purchases a subscription.

We’re partnering with SitePoint, PSD2HTML, and other industry leaders to offer exclusive deals on their products too, only for GraphicStock members. The details of these offers and how to claim them will hit your email inbox near the end of the month, so make sure to keep an eye out!

Creative Rewards Challenge

To highlight awesome member projects, we’re launching the Creative Rewards Challenge—a chance to have your work featured on the GraphicStock blog and shared with our entire community, on top of prizes like a free upgrade to a Premium subscription. Get all the details and learn how to enter here.

Enter the Challenge


Our sister sites, VideoBlocks and AudioBlocks, are also participating in Creative Rewards Month (just click the site names to learn more).

Questions? Send us an email at

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Caroline MercurioIntroducing Creative Rewards Month: Special Deals, New Images, and Member Features

GraphicStock Creative Rewards Challenge

by Alison Murphy on February 10, 2016 No comments

Challenge Update and Winners Announcement
The Creative Rewards Challenge is officially closed, and we’re excited to celebrate the work of our amazing members and winners. While we received hundreds of submissions from talented and dedicated creators all over the globe, these artists stood out for their creativity and skillful use of our graphics.

1st Place – Veronica Leonard (Website or Facebook)
2nd Place – Melissa Rigoli (Rigoli Creative)
3rd Place – Kelly Leavitt (Luv Duck Photography)

Congratulations to our winners!

As part of Creative Rewards Month, we are kicking-off a member challenge. To enter, all you have to do is send your best work that includes stock from GraphicStock to by midnight on April 10th. Entrants have total creative freedom—there are no genre restrictions and you can send in existing projects from your portfolio, meaning that submissions do not have to be new work.

A first-place winner will be highlighted on our blog and their work will be shared with the entire GraphicStock community, in addition to receiving a free Premium upgrade and a year-long subscription to VideoBlocks. Runners-up will also receive prizes.

Here’s how it works:
– Send up to three of your best design projects to as links to high-res versions
– Include links to the stock used from GraphicStock
– Include 1-2 sentences describing each project

– Grand Prize: A feature on the GraphicStock Blog, a free Premium GraphicStock upgrade, a free year of VideoBlocks
– Second Prize: A free Premium upgrade and a free year of VideoBlocks
– Third Prize: A free Premium upgrade

– Entries must include stock from GraphicStock
– Entries must be received by midnight on April 10, 2016
– A maximum three (3) entries are allowed per individual
– Entrants must be a GraphicStock member

You can also enter the AudioBlocks Creative Rewards Challenge and the VideoBlocks Creative Rewards Challenge. If you have any questions, please email

Enter the Challenge Now
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Alison MurphyGraphicStock Creative Rewards Challenge

See the 10 Winning Designs of the Ultimate 80s Movie Poster Contest

by Brian Platt on December 22, 2015 No comments

There’s plenty that we wish we could forget about the 80s. From Flock of Seagulls to the hideous overstuffed couch in your parents’ basement, certain atrocities should never again see the light of day. But movie posters are not among these many embarrassments. Some of our favorite films and fonts were born in the 1980s, just like us.

We indulged our nostalgia for neon colors and laser graphics with a $5000 contest for the ultimate 80s movie poster design, in partnership with Sitepoint and 99designs. The response was, to say the least, TOTALLY RIGHTEOUS. TUBULAR. RADICAL. We could go on.

Over 6,000 poster designs were submitted, but only one could take home the grand prize. A prize of $1000 for second place was also up for grabs and nine free annual subscriptions to GraphicStock for runners-up.

That left us with the near impossible task of selecting winners from the onslaught of really impressive entries. Believe us when we say we agonized and debated over the top 10 (a couple of judges still aren’t speaking to each other). We shed a tear every time an excellent design had to be disqualified for failing to follow the rules, such as using copyrighted material. We rejoiced at the versatility and skillfulness of all the four and five star entries.

After channeling the spirits of Bill and Ted, we somehow survived the greatest judging adventure of our lives and selected the winners. A huge thanks to everyone who entered—you made this decision crazy hard and we couldn’t be happier about it.

The winning design was a recreation of The Martian submitted by “ultrastjarna.” At first glance, you may not realize how complex this poster really was to create. The designer used five images from GraphicStock and masterfully combined and customized them into an authentically 80s movie poster.

The other winners also successfully embodied elements of the 80s—each taking a unique approach and transforming stock images in unexpected and artful ways.

Take a look at the final products by our winners. Can you identify the pieces that came from stock?

80s poster winners 1-min
80s poster winners 2-min
80s poster runner up 1-min
80s poster runner up 2-min
80s poster runner up 3-min
80s poster runner up 4-min
80s poster runner up 5-min
80s poster runner up 6-min
80s poster runner up 7-min
80s poster runner up 8-min
80s poster runner up 9-min

Start your poster design with more than 300,000 royalty-free graphics, vectors, photos, and design elements to choose from.

Get the Graphics from the Winning Poster►
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Brian PlattSee the 10 Winning Designs of the Ultimate 80s Movie Poster Contest

Create Your Own Ugly (But Awesome) Christmas Sweaters With Stock Graphics

by Melissa on December 8, 2015 No comments

Awesome is the new ugly. Whether you’re looking to shine at the office holiday party or make an unforgettable family card, it’s best to create your own Christmas sweaters using dye-sublimation and stock images instead of shopping the same selections as everyone else.

Sublimation printing uses heat to transfer ink onto fabric, allowing for an all-over graphic effect. You can take any high-resolution image and transform it into clothing with this process—perfect for the many unique holiday visuals in the GraphicStock library.

We picked 12 of our favorites (including two HD video snapshots from our sister site, VideoBlocks) and collaborated with a dye-sublimation clothing shop on Etsy, to produce truly bizarre and beautiful sweaters. You can see the final products below, as modeled by our sprightly coworker, Rick.




Here’s how we did it:



  • 2) Contact the dye-sublimation printing company of your choice and request a custom order. We used i3am, which worked out perfectly.



  • 3) Create a mockup and send it to the printer or ask them to make one for you.



  • 4) Once the design is approved and submitted, just sit back and relax! Your sweater should arrive in 2-3 weeks. (Sorry ladies—no Rick included.)



Get Started on Your Sweater Design►


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MelissaCreate Your Own Ugly (But Awesome) Christmas Sweaters With Stock Graphics