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21 Mesmerizing Stock Nature Photos Worth Sharing

by Jordan McElwain on March 1, 2017 No comments

One of the amazing things about stock nature photos is that they allow us to appreciate the beauty of the world through the eyes—and lens—of an artist. Sometimes all we need to think positively and feel inspired is a different perspective, so we’ve gathered 21 mesmerizing nature photos for you to share with your friends, family, and followers to give them a few friendly reminders from Mother Nature herself.

Pair these photos with cute quotes and inspirational advice to raise engagement levels on social media, download them and share them with friends and family when they need a pick me up, or choose some to create your own personalized stationery.

These beautiful nature photos are just a few of our favorites from the our stock images library. Download this set, then check out all of the awesome stock photos and graphics we have to offer.

1. This delightful frog will inspire you and your running buddy to hop back into your training.

Download and share this image.

2. This photo will help you remember that there is beauty in life even when you can’t see it clearly.

stock nature image - foggy photo
Download and share this image.

3. These frost-fighting leaves will remind you that anything is possible.

Stock nature photos - frosty leaves
Download and share this image.

4. Sometimes you have to visit some place remarkable to enjoy things you may not normally enjoy.

Nature Stock Photos - iceberg in greenland
Download and share this image.

5. This beautiful night sky is enough to make anyone want to go on a camping trip in the mountains to go stargazing.

Stock nature photos - space photos
Download and share this image.

6. This serious clownfish can help you remember to just keep swimming through life because that anemone “Can’t touch this.”

nature photos - clownfish
Download and share this image.

7. Sometimes if you are struggling with achieving your goals, you just need to “Let it go” like Elsa.

nature stock image - photo of cold frosty weather
Download and share this image.

8. Try to visit new places and see new things.

stock nature photos - red rocks in southwest US
Download and share this image.

9. Whether it’s going on a cruise or just staring at this beautiful photo of a sunset, find a way to escape when life gets stressful.

stock nature photo of sunset on the ocean
Download and share this image.

10. Remember to stop and take things in every once in a while—like this amazing view.

nature stock photos - landscape images
Download and share this image.

11. No matter how dark (and cold) things may seem, there is brightness just around the corner.

nature stock photos - sunflower field
Download and share this image.

12. The more you explore, the more hidden gems you’ll find.

nature stock photo of a natural waterfall
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13.Learn to appreciate things even if you don’t understand them—like how a boat can float on water.

nature stock photo of a boat on foggy water
Download and share this image.

14. There is something to enjoy in every season.

nature photos of fall leaves
Download and share this image.

15. You have to get through the rocky times to enjoy the smooth ones.

nature stock photo - rocks on a beach
Download and share this image.

16. Enjoy the company of others.

stock nature photo trees in a forest
Download and share this image.

17. But remember to spend some time alone as well.

nature stock photo of a tree
Download and share this image.

18. Each day is a new beginning–-don’t let the past hold you back.

nature stock photo of a sunrise on the beach
Download and share this image.

19. Yellow isn’t just for gender neutral baby gifts.

nature stock photos - yellow flowers
Download and share this image.

20. Remember that being different is what makes us beautiful.

nature stock photos - shells on a beach
Download and share this image.

21.Remind your followers to get lost every once in awhile.

nature stock photos for wanderlust
Download and share this image.

Nature is beautiful, and taking the time to stop and appreciate it will help you stay relaxed and inspired. Share these photos with your friends to brighten up their days.


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Jordan McElwain21 Mesmerizing Stock Nature Photos Worth Sharing

11 Must-Have Vector Graphic Tutorials for Creative Marketing

by Jordan McElwain on February 9, 2017 1 comment

How eye-catching is your marketing creative? Does it stand up and demand your audience’s attention—or does it simply blend into the background? Keeping things fresh can be a challenge in today’s overly-saturated advertising world, which is why it’s important to keep learning new design skills and techniques. Vector graphics are the essential building blocks for design professionals—who often rely on time-saving and easily customized royalty-free stock vectors—and Adobe Illustrator is the editing program of choice. So, whether you’re just getting started in the design world or you consider yourself an expert, these tutorials will guide you in your journey to more creative marketing.


Save Time by Mastering Techniques

Every designer has to start somewhere, and mastering certain techniques can expand your skills. Below you will find a mix of basic and intermediate techniques that will speed up your workflow and allow you to focus on creating.


Editing Vector Files

When it comes to designing with Adobe Illustrator, it’s important to know that you can save yourself both time and energy by using customizable vector graphics rather than creating everything from scratch. Learn how to edit vector files, then check out our graphics library to start practicing this crucial skill.


Using the Color Picker and Color Palette

Use the Adobe Illustrator color palette panel to find the best colors to compliment your brand’s colors. Learn how to use the color picker and palette panel in just over 3 minutes.


Joining Paths Three Ways

Joining paths is a useful technique for creating complex shapes and objects. These objects can be used to make logos or icons for infographics. Astute Graphics demonstrates three ways to join paths in only 90 seconds.


Distorting Text

Quickly learn how to distort text to make it fit within a shape. This technique will help you create typographic effects for your designs.


Using Clipping Masks

Clipping masks allow you to confine a pattern or image within the boundaries of a shape or letter. Learn how to use clipping masks to place your photos and patterns seamlessly into your designs.


From Illustrator to After Effects

YouTube is now the second largest search engine, and video marketing has become the key to engagement. One of the amazing features of the Adobe programs is their compatibility with each other. Learn how to pull your work from Adobe Illustrator into Adobe After Effects in order to be the ultimate marketing designer.


Tracing with the Pen Tool

It can be difficult to design exactly what your boss or client has in mind, but if they can draw it or photograph it, then you can create it! Mastering the pen tool will allow you to trace even the most detailed images. See the possibilities with this tutorial.


Practice by Creating Marketing Materials

Basic marketing materials can be made with limited knowledge of Adobe Illustrator—this makes them perfect for practicing. As you progress in your development, you will be able to produce more creative marketing materials.


Creating a Typographic Logo

Every business needs a logo, and typographic logos are becoming more and more popular. Typography is a difficult skill to master, but text is fairly easy to create and manipulate in Illustrator. Watch this video to learn the basics of typographic logos.


Creating Your Business Card

Creating a business card is a simple task, and a great place to start practicing making shapes and organizing your work. Use this tutorial to help you get started.


Designing Flyers

Anyone can make a flyer, but Illustrator allows designers to create clean and creative flyers that will catch their audience’s eye.


Designing an Infographic from Scratch

This tutorial goes through the entire process of designing an infographic and is jam-packed with everything you need to know—including designing flat icons. While it’s nice to understand how each element is made, keep in mind that you can save yourself time by using pre-designed vector graphics.

Explore our unlimited library to find the perfect vectors and photos to assist you in your creative design process. What will you create?


Get Creative with Vectors


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Jordan McElwain11 Must-Have Vector Graphic Tutorials for Creative Marketing