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Thanksgiving Graphics

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Thanksgiving Graphics

There are few holidays as truly American as Thanksgiving. Spending time with family, eating (or possibly overeating), and watching football- what more could you want? Well, nothing except these Thanksgiving graphics! When you are in between time with family- or just need a break from them- download these graphic images and create your very own Thanksgiving project! Make custom e mails, greeting cards or a full website with these festive holiday vectors. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Get your Thanksgiving Graphics!

We’re feeling pretty giving this season- in fact, we’ll give you the Thanksgiving Graphics for free! Just click on the link to download. Sign up for a free 7 day trial and get up to 20 downloads a day to stock up on all the turkeys you need. The numbers correspond to their position in the collage. Happy downloading!

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Bill ZhangThanksgiving Graphics

Turn Your Collage into Any Design!

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Turn Your Collage into Any Design!

We all love to make collages but let’s add another dimension: turning it into a simple number or letter (or whatever other shape you want).  In this short tutorial, one of our team members, Bill, is making a birthday banner for his Facebook page for his daughter’s 2nd birthday.

The first step is to make a collage.  Many free websites can create nice collages (Picasa, Canva, Pixlr) but we’ll just stick with Pixlr since that’s what we are using to edit the collage after it’s done. For a primer in Pixlr, take a look here.

How to make a simple image Collage

Step 1

Goto Pixlr Express

Step 2

Click on Collage

Step 3

Choose how many images you want (we picked 16 here)

Screen_256 Sep. 24 13.51

Step 4

Then simple click the + signs in each grid to upload images into each cell.  You can move the images around to get the perfect placement.

Screen_233 Sep. 24 13.16

Step 5

Once you are done, simple click finished and choose a name.

Now you have a simple collage of images to be used as the base for your number or character.  The next step is to fine a letter or character that can be used as a stencil or clipping mask for the collage.  Almost like we’re going to use the character as a outline to cut out the collage.  For this we’ll need to use the Pixlr editor.

1. Goto the Pixlr Editor
2. Click Open file from computer (make sure you’ve picked a graphic from GraphicStock)
3. Using the lasso tool, circle around the number you want.

Screen_237 Sep. 24 13.19
4. Copy this selection (use ctrl+c or edit > copy)
5. Go to File > New Image and click ok when the dialog comes up (it’ll automatically put in the exact dimensions)
6. Paste the number into the new blank image (use ctrl+v or edit > paste)
7. Use the magic wand tool to select the shape with a low tolerance (less than 20)

Screen_240 Sep. 24 13.20

8. Copy the selection (use ctrl+c or edit > copy)
9. Open the collage file that you had just made and paste the number onto it (use ctrl+v or edit > paste)

Screen_241 Sep. 24 13.20

10. Click Edit > Free Transform in order to resize this to the full size of the collage.
11. Using the little blue squares on the corners, resize the number to the full size of the collage.

Screen_243 Sep. 24 13.22

12. Use the magic wand tool and select the space OUTSIDE the number.  Since this is a separate layer than the collage, it will select everything outside the number.
13. In the layers toolbox, uncheck the layer containing the number.  This will make it disappear but keep the selection live.

Screen_245 Sep. 24 13.36

14. Now select the layer containing the collage (you may need to double click the little lock symbol in the layer toolbox so you can edit)
15. Press the delete key on your keyboard (del or backspace)

Screen_247 Sep. 24 13.39

16. Add text as necessary and click save!

Screen_250 Sep. 24 13.47

17.  Now we have a great birthday banner for Abby’s big day.

Abby Number 2 Collage Bday

18. You’re ready to upload it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and to email to all your friends.

Screen_253 Sep. 24 13.49





Ready to Get Started?!

Here are a few of our favorite shapes and design you can use as a stencil for your collages.  In fact, we’ll give you the numbers one we used above for free!  Just click on the link to download.  Make sure to abide by our terms and conditions of use.


Ready for more?  Take a look at all these outlines.  Sign up for a free 7 day trial and get up to 20 downloads a day to stock up on all the stencils you need.  Use the links below to view each of these shapes on our site.  The numbers correspond to their position in the collage.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Collage 2

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Bill ZhangTurn Your Collage into Any Design!